Furniture has to be built to last, there’s no two ways about it! Everyone has different tastes, of course, but the one thing that we think that we can all agree on is that long-lasting and resilient qualities that are vital for turning furniture into a worthwhile investment for your home. There are plenty of ways to ensure that your furniture will last for as long as it can, but why not make a simple choice right from the start and opt for buying items which you know will never let you down due to their high quality. That’s where Alresford Interiors joinery services can come in, as our hand-made bespoke oak furniture is built by our experienced cabinet makers, is nothing if not durable!

Oak is a brilliant choice in almost any situation when it comes to creating hard wearing bespoke furniture for your home, and not just because we’re experts in creating and fitting. It’s one of the most robust hardwoods that you’ll be able to find, and because of that durability, it’s seen used in places such as flooring where heavy use is simply unescapable. We also regularly fit oak flooring, which likewise to oak furniture is very popular.

Here at Alresford Interiors we pride ourselves in our ability to create the perfect, high quality bespoke made to measure furniture pieces for your home. If you feel like bespoke furniture could be just right for you and our services could help make your home a better place, functionally and visually, don’t hesitate to get in contact and we’ll be able to sort you out with something truly special and perfect for your home.

For more information about our uniquely crafted furniture please visit our workshop, call 01962 733016 or visit today.