Buying bedroom furniture can often come with a number of complications. You can find the perfect piece of furniture that compliments the style and image of your home, but often it’s just that bit too wide, too short, too chunky or could just do with a few more drawers (the list is endless!). This is where bespoke fitted furniture provides the solution, letting you design the perfect piece for your bedroom that fits seamlessly in your bedroom with as much, or as little, input from us as needed.

What really sets fitted furniture apart from the mass-produced flat packs is the full range of choice in every aspect of the design, from the type of wood, such as oak, sycamore and walnut (to name just a few), to the colour, style, size, finish and so on. As an example, we have recently had two separate walk in wardrobes commissioned; one designed with a more masculine feel, fitted out with walnut cabinetry, the other fitted out with sycamore, creating a soft feminine feel, but both emitting an equal sense of luxury.

Within the design process, it’s important to start by deciding which centrepiece you’re designing your bedroom around. More often than not, this is the bed, but occasionally there are alternative centrepieces such as an oversized grand mirror or french dressing table. Whatever it is, placement of fitted furniture needs to be carefully considered to ensure the space in the room is used to its maximum potential. If your bed is in the centre of the room then how much room do you have to spare for furniture each side? We tend to assess whether there are any recesses within the room, where the depth can be taken advantage of to design fitted wardrobes, cupboards/shelving, chest of drawers or any other piece with a minimum impact to the size of the room as a whole. Bespoke furniture is designed to suit you and your space best, meaning you won’t have to put up with having to shuffle sideways down your bed to escape from a cabinet that’s too wide.

Once the design and positioning process has been completed, it’s time to plan the interior of the cabinetry. This is where we can get even more creative! We will create storage solutions catered for your precise needs to design your ideal bedroom, with the bespoke option allowing all of the storage space to be utilised perfectly. There is a large array of hanging, shelving, drawer, and interior/exterior lighting options for you to consider and we will assist you along the way with your ideas and wishlist. Whatever you decide, with your ideas and our experience we can together create the ideal solution for your bedroom furniture requirements.

For any more help and advice please feel free to call us on 01962 733016, email or pop into our workshop and we can get your bedroom project off the ground today!