Why choose a U-shaped kitchen

U-shaped kitchens are one of the most common and popular designs, utilising your room’s space to the absolute max. Large and small rooms can both benefit from a U-shaped kitchen design. This allows for maximum efficiency whilst moving about the space to cook – all those work tops come in extremely handy!

One advantage of a U-shaped kitchen it the ability to have more people involved in the cooking without it becoming crowed. The layout helps reduce traffic flow – basically keeping people out of each other’s hair! Having work tops on three sides of the room allows space for all your small appliances as well, making them easily accessible. Although if you prefer clear kitchen work tops, storing appliances such as microwaves and other cooking essentials in all those kitchen cabinets, or in a gorgeous larder unit will remove that clutter immediately.

Adding a centre island or breakfast bar to a larger U-shaped kitchen are two perfect ways to maximise space and add some extra storage. Following on from that, entertaining in kitchens with a U-shape design is a big plus also. It allows space for guest to sit and talk whilst you prepare the food and cook. Not isolating the chef from the crowd.

However, like most things, there are some disadvantages if opting for a U-shaped kitchen. By using cupboards and benches on three sides of the room, you will automatically lose floor space which can make the room appear and feel smaller. Conversely, a large floor area can result to the work stations being too far apart, making it difficult to function.

Overall, U-shaped kitchens are a brilliant design for the right room size and shape. They can make cooking and socialising a lot easier and improve the functionality of your kitchen.

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