Organising Your Home Office

It’s a new year so why not make your home work space somewhere more productive and an enjoyable place to spend time working!

Keeping your desk tidy

A cluttered desk is not the best working environment so try and keep as little on your desk as possible. It’s a place to work, not a surface to store endless supplies of stationary! Having a clear space to work allows you to focus better and spread out whilst working. Store items that you don’t need often out of site, such as in a cupboard or on a high shelf. Adding shelves will help keep the space around you clear and clutter free. Also have a clear out – throw away old pens, notebooks, those extra pencils you think you need but in reality don’t ever reach for.


Lighting in a room is key, different lighting for different rooms and environments. In your home office you want to be productive so you want a bright, energetic, fresh feeling room. Poor lighting is distracting, tiring and also causes eye strain and headaches… these have a huge effect on your productivity.  Try to position your desk in front or near a window; this will eliminate the use for heavy artificial lighting throughout most of the day which can cause an annoying glare on your computer / laptop screen.  It will also light up your work space and make you feel more energized.  So what you want is a space with a good supply of natural light and well place artificial light for those dark, dull winter days.


Sticking with similar rules of lighting you want to have a bright, fresh looking office. Somewhere that doesn’t clutter your mind. Having white or light wood furniture really helps make the space feel larger; it also feels more modern, clean and fresh.  We have access to any colour you can ever imagine, so we can create your bespoke office in whatever style and colour you desire.

Add Personality

Even though having a minimalistic, bright, clear office is the most productive environment it doesn’t mean it should be boring. Inject some thing that personally inspires you and add your own style. Photos and books are a simple but effective way as well as a decorative rug. This will help boost motivation and not isolate your home office from the rest of the houses style.


The key to clearing a space in any room and having a more minimalistic feel which is a very popular look for homes at the moment is storage. Storage can solve problems and transform a room! Make sure you’ve had a good sort through you stuff first; storage shouldn’t be somewhere to hoard stuff. Planning your storage is key! The beauty of bespoke is that the storage can be perfectly adapted to both the room and the items within it. Cupboards are perfect for storing away all those ugly boxes full of files no one wants to keep but has to. Shelves are brilliant at storing a whole variety of stuff and keeping it easily accessible – also handy space for displaying those personal items.

Any ideas for your home office can be turned into a reality. We work closely with clients daily on exciting furniture projects and have transformed lots of rooms into full functional but stunning home offices. We can build one from scratch or add storage to your existing set up.

If you want to get your home office plans rolling than call us on 01962 733016, email or pop into our workshop located in Alresford!