What to think about when considering a new kitchen

The kitchen is the most heavily used room of the house It’s the heart of the home, a social hub as well as a food factory. An ‘off the shelf kitchen’ offers standard sizing, giving more limited scope for maximizing space. A bespoke kitchen means that the new kitchen will be built around how you want it to work rather than you having to adapt your ideas to what is available.

Here we offer some tips on what to think about before you start to plan your new kitchen.


  • The space. If you keep it clutter free  and incorporate clever storage a small kitchen will look bigger and a larger kitchen will be a calm, clear space.
  • Think about how you use your kitchen and make sure your design matches your needs. For example; are you a serious cook with a need for acres of prep space and robust work surfaces; do you do a lot of entertaining and need a dedicated dining area; do the family often congregate in the kitchen – a large island may provide a perfect solution.
  • Choose appliances that are always in use, don’t take up valuable space with ones seldom used.
  • If your kitchen is to be at the centre of your family activities in an open plan room then make sure the kitchen cabinetry looks as good as possible, as it is part of your general living space.

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