Listed Buildings: Fitting the perfect hand-crafted Kitchen

Here at Alresford Interiors, kitchens for listed buildings are a common inquiry, and its good news; we regularly work on and build new kitchens for listed houses, without compromising on our processes or quality.

Our bespoke kitchens are built to high standards of craftsmanship by our experienced cabinet makers. We love to work closely with our clients throughout every project to ensure each kitchen is designed for their individual needs.

The beauty of bespoke is the freedom and control you get when designing your kitchen. The colour, style, materials and overall look and functionality are down to you, based on your preferences and budget.

One of the reasons people commonly prefer bespoke kitchens is due to the freedom to design something completely unique. Bespoke kitchens are something that can be adapted to your home, making the most of awkward spaces and utilising every nook and cranny. This is because bespoke kitchens are made to measure; they aren’t a set size or shape and are designed to meet your requirements perfectly every time.

Our bespoke service allows a wide range of additional features to be included in the design,  such as are larder units, corner cupboards and wine racks, the options are endless and completely up to you. We are happy to work with any customer to make the kitchen of their dreams.

If you’re unsure whether your home is a listed property, you can check the government’s list of buildings of special architectural or national importance. Bear in mind, however, that some houses aren’t included on this site directly; often due to them being culturally listed.

While replacements kitchens for listed buildings does not normally require consent, permission may be needed for the replacement or removal of surviving historic features such as tiles. This is rarely an issue, however, so you can still get that gorgeous handmade kitchen your heart is set on, even if you live in a listed property.

For more information about our uniquely crafted kitchens you can visit our workshop, call us on 01962 733016 or visit our website today.