Health benefits of wood flooring

The Health Benefits of Wood Flooring

Doctors recommend hardwood floors for people with allergies and respiratory problems. The hard, smooth surface does not provide a home for dust mites, pollen, fleas and animal dander.

Medical findings are that hardwood floors are helping asthmatics and respiratory sensitive individuals live healthier lives. In fact, it’s suggested that just about everyone derives some form of health benefit from living in a hardwood environment.

Millions in the UK suffer from just tiny amounts of house dust setting off symptoms ranging from itchy eyes, sneezing, rash, breathing difficulty and sinus trouble because of trapped pollens and moulds in their fibres. Even frequent vacuuming will not eliminate those microscopic monsters but natural hardwood floors allow you to reduce those allergens while your rooms remain warm, inviting and germ reduced.

With tough finishes hardwood floors stand up to the wear and tear of today’s active families. Easy to maintain, just wipe with damp mop and sweep or vacuum regularly. Distinctive characteristics in hardwood flooring allows for each floor to have a unique one-of-a-kind look. Wood floors can add value to your home at time of resale.