Why choose a German Style kitchen?

In Germany, kitchen designers typically create styles which are all about the minimal, smooth, and clean designs. These are ideal for those looking for a modern and contemporary look when designing a kitchen. German kitchen manufacturing is sleek, precise, of a high quality and has great ergonomics. All kitchen ranges nowadays are generally designed around making the space as user friendly as possible and German kitchen design is exceptionally good at making kitchens efficient as well as comfortable. Within their designs, underneath the sleek exterior, you will find many innovative ideas and details to maximise storage.

The Germanic kitchen (as it’s known in Germany) can be considered ergonomic perfection which is easily recognised due to its visual appearance and functionality. The Germanic kitchen is all about clean aesthetics, precise, straight cut lines, and high quality materials and appliances. No expense is spared in the quest for ergonomic perfection! When configuring the layout of the kitchen, German designers will typically use light (both natural and artificial) to expertly emphasise the flow of sightlines. This will help emphasise the sleek and precise lines of the kitchen. Light is also used to draw attention to colour combinations and enhance the overall finish.

The Germanic style works well in a vast range of kitchen types making it a flexible option. It could look stunning in a modern chic apartment, as well as a statement piece in a period property, so the pros and cons of this kitchen style are largely down to personal preference. If you like the look of sleek, slender and precise lines, then perhaps the Germanic style is for you. However, if you prefer the quirks associated with a country kitchen along with its chunky carcussing then perhaps not.

It’s important to note that when considering styles of kitchen, you don’t have to choose just one. You can easily incorporate aspects of different designs to create something unique to you and your preferences. For instance, we find that with our clients a classic shaker style kitchen is one of our most popular kitchen designs. This shaker style can easily be blended with a Germanic design to give it a more contemporary look and feel. We achieve this by making the doors handleless, and using a smooth gloss finish on the doors while maintaining the shaker look. This is where bespoke kitchen design comes into its own, as good designers and fitters are able to produce something which suits your individual tastes precisely. We at Alresford Interiors will work with you to make your vision a reality, helping you make the most out of your space.

In our opinion, this style is popular due to its clean, precise, and high quality, efficient nature. It is extremely versatile in its ability to blend with other designs, so even if minimal and sleek is not for you, there will surely be elements of the Germanic kitchen, such as efficient use of storage or innovative use of lighting, that can positively contribute to aspects of your kitchen design to enhance it for the better. Whether you are after a modern, contemporary, or country design, it is worth considering how a Germanic twist could benefit your kitchen space for the better.

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