Do I need a Carpenter, Joiner or Cabinet Maker?


Whilst the three terms have, in the modern age, become more interchangeable, there are historical differences between the three roles.

The historical hierarchy of woodworkers was Carpenter – Joiner –  Cabinet Maker

These definitions have been drawn from various historical sources and updated to help understand how the roles are defined today.  The division between the three roles is less clear than it was in the 17th and 18th Century but it is useful to understand the basic differences when looking for skilled tradesmen to undertake different aspects of working with wood.



Carpentry means the art of cutting, framing, and putting together timber in the construction of buildings, or an assemblage of pieces of timber connected by being framed together, as the pieces of a roof, partition, floor, etc.



Joinery is the art or work of a joiner; and a joiner is a mechanic who does the woodwork in the covering and finishing of buildings, or whose occupation it is to construct things by joining pieces of wood together. This includes windows, doors and staircases.


Cabinet Maker

The artisan who makes furniture of a more elaborate description is usually called a cabinetmaker, the term “cabinet” being applied to a piece of furniture consisting of a case or box furnished with doors and drawers. Basically, a cabinetmaker is a woodworker who makes cabinets and the finer kind of joiner’s work.

Today, cabinetmakers will work in solid wood, typically hardwoods and sheet materials, though Veneers of highly prized wood may be used for decorative purposes. In choosing over another, the cabinetmaker has to consider ease of construction, appearance, cost, weight, strength and durability.

At Alresford Interiors, we employ a team of highly skilled cabinet makers who take immense pride in the work they do.  They delight in working with clients to make their projects a reality.

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Why choose a bespoke kitchen?

Why choose a bespoke kitchen?

Getting a new kitchen is a big deal and at Alresford Interiors we understand that. We work closely with our clients to help everything run smoothly and provide them with the kitchen of their dreams! All the kitchens we make are completely bespoke and made to measure. A ‘bespoke’ kitchen means it’s been designed and made to suit your personal needs and desires – which gives us the freedom to utilise the space available also. You can include extra features on your wish list that may be hard to incorporate into an ‘off the shelf’ kitchen.

A bespoke kitchen is an investment for your home it and comes with lots of benefits. One of the key benefits of a kitchen designed for you and your home is the freedom to adjust it to whatever style and design features you want. This is something you don’t always get from an ‘off the shelf’ kitchen due to them being made to set sizes and styles. You can add as many shelves as you want, have glass cabinet doors and even make a nifty space for your dog’s bed within your units – the options are endless.

Because you are ultimately the designer of your kitchen it is helpful and also very exciting to do some research for inspiration! Mood boards are a brilliant way to get all your ideas together and it kick starts you project with a bang!

A bespoke kitchen is a brilliant way to design something that suits you and your family’s lifestyle perfectly. It can provide a perfect area for not only cooking but also to spend time together. Kitchens are commonly the heart of the home and going bespoke can really help emphasize that and meet its needs. A space for the family, friends and parties but also a great place to cook that Christmas turkey! We create a space that is so much more than a ‘just’ a cooking area.

The process of getting a new bespoke kitchen is also a lot more fun and rewarding. At Alresford Interiors we work closely with our clients to ensure the every element is just right! Our dedication and passion really helps make the process smooth, enjoyable and stress free with an outcome even better than you could’ve imagined.

Overall getting a bespoke kitchen is a lot more exciting because you get exactly what you want! But also, the quality is amazing and it is built with the highest level of craftsmanship and best quality materials.

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Styling Your Bespoke Units

Here at Alresford Interiors one of the most desired items of furniture we build for our clients are alcove units, dressers and TV units – fitted and free standing. These units normally involve shelving, providing the perfect space to display personal items and objects d’art and of course, books; shelves look amazing when created and styled as a feature. Here are our tips on how to get the right balance of function and style.


The beauty of bespoke furniture is the complete freedom in designing something utterly personal to you and your belongings. We can adapt elements to suit the items you want to store/display, an option you rarely get with off the shelf pieces. Consider proportions, if you’re planning shelves like these think carefully about the different measurements. Having shelves at all different levels and sizes through the unit is a gorgeous option and also something a bit more unique.


One of the best uses of alcove units and dressers is storing and displaying all your books. This can look really effective and visually pleasing, it’s also handy – books always need a home! So when filling up your unit think about the arrangement, organise the books so it’s easy for you too find them but it also needs to look tidy, this will help the collection look more attractive.


Keep it personal! Bespoke furniture is personal to you and so should what you decide to fill it with. Let your shelves represent you and your family, display personal family air loons, those photos you treasure. By displaying family objects your add warmth to the room but it does also make it more interesting.


Less can be more! Try to stay simple and minimal, this doesn’t mean one thing on each shelf, it just means don’t overdo it – it will become cluttered looking very fast! Aim for balance and variety, it makes it more interesting but it also looks better because the balance is right. Don’t pack every single shelve, display feature items as a focus on their own. Also leaving space gives you room to add in the future! It also makes the room look larger and feel more relaxed.

We work daily on bespoke projects, bring peoples furniture dreams to life. We are happy to discuss your project with you and work together to create a piece you love and that works best for your home. Learn more about bespoke furniture with some of our other blog posts.

For more information about our uniquely crafted furniture please visit our workshop, call 01962 733016 or email today.

 More photos and examples of gorgeous bespoke units over on our gallery!

Bespoke Furniture For Small Spaces

Just because a room is small in size or an awkward shape doesn’t mean it can’t be used to the same extent as any other room in your house; there are lots of ways to utilise the space available and give the illusion of a larger room. Bespoke furniture is the perfect way to make sure no space is wasted in your home. Incorporating fitted hand-crafted pieces that are ceiling height and tailored to the dimensions of your room will give you more storage for the available space with the added benefit of looking sleek. Using built in storage utilises the space available, providing you with more room to store all your belongings, helping to reduce visible clutter and making the room appear more spacious, rather than cramped and cluttered.

The beauty of bespoke is the ability to adapt every design aspect to what you want and what will work best in that space. The colour of your bespoke furniture is always down to you, but to make the most of a smaller room we would suggest steering clear of darker shades and opting for lighter, airy tones. White and light coloured furniture works wonders in opening up the room and making it feel bigger, whereas dark colours absorb the light, making the room feel more enclosed. Your overall colour scheme is also another factor to consider; opting for a neutral colour theme or similar tones will help bring the room together and reduce the risk of the room looking over crowded and cluttered. Avoiding an overload of bold patterns is also a good rule to stick by whilst decorating a small room, as busy patterns can cause a room to look disorderly and smaller overall.

Mirrors are your best friend in a small room, light walls and mirrors are the key way to giving the illusion of a space being much bigger than it actually is. Mirrors can be incorporated into furniture, such as the doors of a wardrobe, to open up the entire space, reflecting light back into the room and making it look much more spacious, whilst also providing storage space; killing two birds with one stone.

Using bespoke furniture in a small space, rather than an off the shelf piece, means you can utilise small much more effectively. Our furniture is made to measure, opposed to the standard sizes of pre-made furniture, which means no space, no matter how awkward, is wasted.

Here at Alresford Interiors we build gorgeous bespoke furniture daily; working closely with our clients to ensure the finished products is something they love! We have a team of experienced cabinet makers that work to the upmost level of excellence, producing high quality long lasting pieces. We measure up the area in your home for where the furniture will go, discuss styles and design with you. We help with the design to produce something that is truly spectacular and perfect for your home, of course the final design decision is ultimately down to you. Helping you to fill your home with furniture that makes the most of the space and reflects you personally.

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Signs that your home is in need of bespoke furniture

Does your home need freshening up? Switching out old furniture for new fresh, bespoke furniture may just be the way to give your rooms a whole new lease of life. Lots of people get tired of their surroundings and realise their furniture isn’t offering them enough anymore.

Maybe you see clutter everywhere? Bespoke furniture can help solve this problem. By bringing in personalized pieces of furniture made to fit your home and belongings you can utilize the space available. Besides from being just storage, bespoke furniture can be an addition to your décor. Handmade furniture can really finish off a room, it is the best way to ensure your homes furnishing reflects your unique vision and blends seamlessly with its surroundings. It’s amazing what impact conveniently designed furniture can have on your home.

The beauty of fitted bespoke furniture is the neat appearance, no more unsightly gaps or wasted space. Bespoke furniture can fit into the space perfectly, making the appearance of the room look more arranged and tidy.

Bespoke furniture can also add value to your home, by incorporating unique space efficient pieces of fitted furniture to your home you can boost its value and also make it a better living environment. If you have alcoves in your home, making use of them can not only look great but also utilises this space. This will help reduce clutter by providing more storage and make your rooms actually appear larger. Similarly, by being an awkward space, loft conversions can benefit highly from some gorgeous bespoke furniture. Ill-fitting furniture is often the case in these rooms due to the abnormal shape and lack of products on the market. This is unappealing and wasteful, cluttering your home with un-efficient pieces that just don’t look too great.

The quality of the bespoke furniture we produce here at Alresford Interiors is far greater quality than your average off the shelf piece. Our handmade furniture is built from the highest quality craftsmanship by our experienced cabinet makers. Due to the high quality of building and materials, bespoke furniture last longer and is more durable. So, it doesn’t matter what size alcove you have, or room space, we can add the wow factor to your home by building individually made to measure pieces. If you could achieve perfection in your home, why wouldn’t you?

For more information about our uniquely crafted furniture please visit our workshop, call 01962 733016 or visit today.