The traditional larder — a small, cool storage room used to keep foods fresh — has long been replaced by modern refrigeration. But larder love is still out there, only this time it’s more commonly seen in the form of larder cupboards:

A larder cupboard is a standalone unit that’s a cross between a kitchen cupboard and storage room. You might call it a “wardrobe for food,”.

Styles vary, but what all larder cupboards have in common is the ability to store a range of food in a combination of drawers or pull-out baskets, shelves and racks. They’re often full-height, incorporating a cold shelf made from slate or marble and perhaps a series of small holes in the doors for air circulation… From Alresford Interiors, you can have them made to your own specifications, whether you require a capacious walk-in or a simple half-height, pull-out version. What would you choose?