Kitchen storage is at a premium in a busy kitchen. We’ve all got appliances, cookware, cook books and every speciality gadget under the sun to try and house in our kitchens, which gives most of us the challenge of organising our kitchens like a military operation.

The never ending accessories, the food cans, boxes, pots and pans, bins, cooking utensils fill up every nook and cranny, especially in a compact kitchen. This is where Alresford Interiors can help. We can find and create innovative organisation techniques to help solve your kitchen dilemmas.

When you come to design your kitchen, you want it too look clean, clutter free and most of all appealing to visitors. You want that ‘wow’ factor. By using clever organisation techniques you obtain all of those qualities mentioned above. Whether it be having a bespoke larder cabinet to house your spices, cereals, soft drinks and the children’s snacks, or a cupboard that houses a rack for the pans – storage is an essential part of your kitchen and you need storage to keep your kitchen clutter free.

Here’s some examples of clever storage solutions. See if any of these will inspire an idea for your own kitchen.