Kitchens can become quickly one of the most cluttered places in your home. Nowadays, your kitchen is required to hold a mass range of different appliances and utensils. The perfect kitchen is a clean one, free of clutter. By hiding appliances such as microwaves, it does prevent cluttered work tops and gives the feel of a larger, open space a popular choice in modern kitchens. Larders/pantries are commonly fitted with power points for this purpose.

Built in handmade wine racks are a brilliant way to store drinks neatly, it doesn’t have to take up a lot of room but is effective and a handy addition to your kitchen. It also adds a lot of sophistication to the appearance of a room.

The best way to utilise your space is making use of different depth, width and height drawers/cupboards for different products. For example – storing jars in a drawer big enough for pans isn’t efficient and wastes valuable space, switch it out. Deeps drawers are perfect for hiding those irritating, bulky pots. Using deep drawers instead of cupboards makes it easier to see the content and adds more depth to the kitchens design. Adding hidden drawers into larger drawers or cupboards can double up the storage for smaller items. Corner drawers and cupboards are a brilliant way to make the most of awkward spaces and provide you with more storage.

Overhead cabinets are a brilliant way to maximise storage in your kitchen. Storing products you don’t use regularly up above will help provide room for products you use frequently in an easy accessible location. Like those Halloween cookie cutters or that turkey tray you only pull out at Christmas. They don’t need to be easily accessible all year round. Tuck them away!

Plate racks are also a brilliant addition to a kitchen, displaying your pretty plates instead of dirty pots and pans. This adds a nice feature to a room and also frees up hidden space for the less aesthetically pleasing items.

Larder units are a brilliant way of bringing in a whole new piece of storage to your kitchen space whilst also being able to be designed to fit in with the current scheme running through your kitchen. Plus they look gorgeous. Larder units are increasingly popular and for good reason. Bespoke larders can be design specifically for you. This can help free up room for new goodies or just give you a clear, clean environment.

Islands are another popular addition. They offer extra storage, worktops and a socialising area. If you have the room available, adding an island to your kitchens design is something you won’t regret.

The beauty with a bespoke kitchen is that all these elements can be incorporated into your design and built to suit your needs. The freedom that comes with designing a bespoke kitchen beats an “off the shelf” one, giving you the chance to build that kitchen you have your heart set on – whilst also providing lots of storage!

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