Colour has a major impact on the look and feel of your kitchen. It is paramount that the colour palette you choose for your kitchen responds to you emotionally, or it could be an expensive mistake. The kitchen is more often than not the busiest room in your home, so you need to get the look and feel of it right.

It may seem a very simple task, but choosing a colour scheme to compliment your kitchen needs careful consideration. Here are a few tips that will help you achieve a beautiful kitchen that compliments your home:

  1.         Keep it neutral. Your cabinets, doors and the wall décor need to be neutral. These components are constants in your home and you don’t want to be re-painting every five minutes. If you want a splash of colour, buy accessories such as rugs, pictures, curtains or even a splashback. Splashbacks give a great ‘pop’ of colour that will enhance the look of your kitchen.  You could even have contrasting work tops or, if you have a large enough kitchen, you could opt for an island unit in a bolder colour.
  2.         Consider the lighting in your kitchen. How your kitchen is lit has a dramatic impact on the colour of your kitchen. Dark colours soak up light like a sponge and can make a room seem  small and claustrophobic. Artificial lighting versus natural daylight  makes paint look very different,  so you need to consider how much natural daylight flows through your kitchen. While larger kitchens may be predominantly lit by daylight, smaller rooms with fewer windows may have to rely on artificial light throughout the day.
  3.        Flooring.  Another expensive element of your kitchen that can make or break your kitchen is flooring; be it tiled, wooden, vinyl, stone or laminate, both the flooring and the kitchen cabinets need to compliment each other.  Going for dark cabinets and dark flooring can make the kitchen feel smaller than it is. If you opt for a tiled floor, larger tiles will gives the room a spacious feel.
  4.        Get inspiration.  There are countless websites that you can spend hours studying for ideas and inspiration. Pinterest and Houzz are two sites in particular which have hundreds, if not thousands of images of beautiful kitchens of all colours and styles. From wooden floors to tiled, sleek and modern to rustic, bright and colourful to neutral and refined and everything in between. These are great sites to get your creative juices flowing, but you may end up with kitchen envy, so beware!
  5.        Don’t use too many colours Stick to 1-2 colours on your palette. Any more than that and you will risk making your visitors and yourself feeling overwhelmed with the bombardment of colour. If you’re struggling to choose between different colours or shades, obtain test samples of each and test them out around the kitchen to see how they look.

To conclude, pick colours that you love and connect with you emotionally. You have to live with your colour choice every day, so go with a colour that makes you want to smile as you walk in the room.

Best of luck with designing your new kitchen and choosing a colour palette you love. If you need any help or advice with your kitchen, contact us on 01963 733016 or visit our website – we’d be happy to help.