How much does it cost to sand a floor?


Domestic Floor SandingSo here is the million dollar question: how much does it cost to sand a floor? To help you get an idea of what you should be expecting, I have listed some examples of recent floor sanding work we have completed, along with the associated costs involved. There are several factors to take into account when costing a job, such as how long it is expected to take, if there are gaps to fill and the quantity of materials we may need. Therefore, the following information should be used as a guide only.



Recent jobs:

(1) Hallway of 9 square metres of finger block parquet (basket weave) straight sanding, no repairs, resin filled with a clear matt lacquer finish. £498 including vat

(2) Hallway of 16 square metres, engineered oak, straight sanding with no repairs and finished with ultra matt lacquer £498 including vat.

(3) Open plan lounge and dining room area of 20 square metres of engineered oak with no repairs, straight sanding with no repairs and finished with matt lacquer £576 including vat.

Again please note the above prices are only a guide and should not be taken as indicative for your own floor sanding requirements. Prices do vary from job to job.

Our basic charge is £25 plus VAT per square meter for sanding and finishing (staining will be more expensive). Most of the time we work in a team of 2, with a minimum daily rate, including all sanding and finishing products, is £415 plus VAT. It’s worth bearing in mind that the smaller the area, the more expensive the job works out per square metre. For example small hallways or bathrooms will be the most expensive areas to sand and finish.

To give some context to these prices, hiring a low range belt and edge sander for a day is likely to cost approximately £100. These two machines on their own won’t give a great finish as they lack the finesse and control that professional machines have. Ideally you’ll need to go around the edges with a lighter weight machine to remove all the scratches, as well as getting into the tight corners. If you simply use a belt sander for the main floor area, you’ll end up with a very poor quality surface. It’s also worth considering what you want to finish the floor with. For up to 16 square meters of floor, a 5 litre tub of lacquer finish should be sufficient, which will cost around £60.

One person, with limited (or no) experience in floor sanding is likely to be able to sand around 16 square meters of floor in one day with standard hire tools and the quality of these tools means that they’re also likely to create a significant amount of dust in the process. So after one day, you’ll have spent £160 in sander hire and materials at a minimum (depending on whether you needed to invest in hiring a corner sander or buying dust sheets as well). Your back hurts, the quality isn’t great, your house is full of dust and you quite possibly wish you had never started! In a worst case scenario, you might even have to call a professional to fix any damage that’s been caused. We’ve seen all too many floors that end up looking terrible because someone has “had a go” and sanded it themselves. In my experience, it really is worth the investment to get a professional in to finish your floors as this can make a significant difference to the quality of the room.

It really does come down to what your time is worth and how good you want your floors to look and how much time, effort and hassle you are prepared to go through.

If you would like any further information on our floor sanding process, or would like to book in for a free quote, then feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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