Planning a kitchen that fulfills all of your requirements can present many problems when you only have a small space to work with. Standard off the shelf designs, no matter how visually appealing they are in design, are often not suitable for the space you have available in your home. These cabinets will be standard in their measurements, often with shelf configurations which would better suit if constructed in a different way.

This is where the beauty of bespoke comes into its own! Bespoke designs give you many solutions for small rooms, enabling the area to be used to its maximum potential. When beginning the design process, we like to come to your home, get a feel for the area and have a chat with you firsthand about what is most important for you in the kitchen. We find it incredibly useful to making a wish list with your most important factors at the top and working down, for example is it more important to have more storage, or more space? Or perhaps a complete reconfiguration to make the best use of any natural light available. Whatever it is you require, we can work together to bring your ideas alive. Bespoke provides the freedom for something quite unique, even in a tiny kitchen.

When considering a kitchen layout and design, it is best not to fill every single available wall space, floor to ceiling, with cabinetry, as we find this can make the room feel particularly small and claustrophobic. Instead, we should rely on clever storage solutions, such as making the most of the interior of the cabinetry below your work surfaces, or using a combination of overhead cabinets and/or wall shelving to add some variety. With regards to the interior of your kitchen cabinets, there are many handy solutions which can be inbuilt to create a multitude of space, including pull out corner cabinet accessories and internal shelves on rollers adding functionality and practicality – gone are the days of having to climb into your cupboards!

Choose your colour scheme carefully, a light palette with encourage light to bounce around the room whereas a dark palette will draw the room in and make it appear smaller. Why not consider a timeless oak block or stone worktop or breakfast bar with a light colour of your choosing on the cabinetry and walls? The results of this combination really are striking.

And last of all, let us get onto clutter. Every kitchen has it, whether it’s on display or not! Those bits and bobs that have their purpose and come in handy once in a blue moon. We suggest organising it into seasonal use and store accordingly, for example the turkey tray can be stored up high, and those halloween cookie cutters and other accessories that are only needed once a year can be stored away thoughtfully too. Kitchen appliances that are seldom used can be put out of site to provide you with more valuable workspace for preparing food – it also looks a lot neater! Drawer inserts are invaluable for organising cutlery, kitchen utensils, food bags, elastic bands and other bits you may have.

For any more help and advice, or if you’re ready to start designing a dream kitchen of your own, please feel free to call us on 01962 733016, email or pop into our workshop and we can get your kitchen project off the ground today!