So what is a Bespoke Storage Solution? Simply put, it’s hand-made, well-designed, fitted furniture tailored to maximise storage in any room. From fitted wardrobes and bookcases to TV cabinets, shelves and closets, bespoke furniture can provide approximately a third more storage than freestanding cabinets. This is due to to how the space is organised, with full height pieces avoiding the gaps created by freestanding furniture.

Every home has underused spaces that could be converted to provide extra storage space. The space under the stairs is a fine example of a storage space that is usually under –utilised. As stairs are usually deeper than a wardrobe, you can fit an abundance of coats, shoes and bags under your stairs without it crowding your hallway. In the hall, where clutter accumulates and space is at a premium, furniture with hidden storage will help keep the entrance tidy and create a sense of calm and order when you come home. For example, a bench with shoe storage built in uses minimal floor space but combines practicality with a comfy place to perch.

Storage space plays a huge part in keeping rooms organised and free of clutter, with hidden storage making your home sleek and spacious too. Floor-to-ceiling cupboards that span an entire wall in a play room will have a huge storage capacity, as well as offering a focal point in the room and a statement piece that will last years to come.

Furniture that provides storage in addition to it’s main purpose r deserves a place in any home. Children’s cabin beds with drawers and cupboards in the base are a great way to store toys and hide the clutter, while coffee tables with shelves beneath or even a free standing larder in the kitchen all make the most of the space they occupy.

Here at Alresford Interiors, we offer a variety of handmade, fitted furniture to suit your storage needs. We deliver a personal service to you, from design through to build and completion. From the outset, you will be able to meet our craftsmen and discuss your project with them and you are encouraged to visit the workshop at any time to see your furniture coming to life. We feel it is important for you to feel included in every step of the process.

Here are a couple of examples from our gallery, which we have already made for our clients. If you see something that you like or have another idea you would like to discuss, then visit our website or call us on 01962 733016. We would be happy to help.