Just because a room is small in size or an awkward shape doesn’t mean it can’t be used to the same extent as any other room in your house; there are lots of ways to utilise the space available and give the illusion of a larger room. Bespoke furniture is the perfect way to make sure no space is wasted in your home. Incorporating fitted hand-crafted pieces that are ceiling height and tailored to the dimensions of your room will give you more storage for the available space with the added benefit of looking sleek. Using built in storage utilises the space available, providing you with more room to store all your belongings, helping to reduce visible clutter and making the room appear more spacious, rather than cramped and cluttered.

The beauty of bespoke is the ability to adapt every design aspect to what you want and what will work best in that space. The colour of your bespoke furniture is always down to you, but to make the most of a smaller room we would suggest steering clear of darker shades and opting for lighter, airy tones. White and light coloured furniture works wonders in opening up the room and making it feel bigger, whereas dark colours absorb the light, making the room feel more enclosed. Your overall colour scheme is also another factor to consider; opting for a neutral colour theme or similar tones will help bring the room together and reduce the risk of the room looking over crowded and cluttered. Avoiding an overload of bold patterns is also a good rule to stick by whilst decorating a small room, as busy patterns can cause a room to look disorderly and smaller overall.

Mirrors are your best friend in a small room, light walls and mirrors are the key way to giving the illusion of a space being much bigger than it actually is. Mirrors can be incorporated into furniture, such as the doors of a wardrobe, to open up the entire space, reflecting light back into the room and making it look much more spacious, whilst also providing storage space; killing two birds with one stone.

Using bespoke furniture in a small space, rather than an off the shelf piece, means you can utilise small much more effectively. Our furniture is made to measure, opposed to the standard sizes of pre-made furniture, which means no space, no matter how awkward, is wasted.

Here at Alresford Interiors we build gorgeous bespoke furniture daily; working closely with our clients to ensure the finished products is something they love! We have a team of experienced cabinet makers that work to the upmost level of excellence, producing high quality long lasting pieces. We measure up the area in your home for where the furniture will go, discuss styles and design with you. We help with the design to produce something that is truly spectacular and perfect for your home, of course the final design decision is ultimately down to you. Helping you to fill your home with furniture that makes the most of the space and reflects you personally.

For any more information about our uniquely crafted furniture please visit our workshop, call 01962 733016, or visit www.alresfordinteriors.co.uk today.