Getting a new kitchen is a big deal and at Alresford Interiors we understand that. We work closely with our clients to help everything run smoothly and provide them with the kitchen of their dreams! All the kitchens we make are completely bespoke and made to measure. A ‘bespoke’ kitchen means it’s been designed and made to suit your personal needs and desires – which gives us the freedom to utilise the space available also. You can include extra features on your wish list that may be hard to incorporate into an ‘off the shelf’ kitchen.

A bespoke kitchen is an investment for your home it and comes with lots of benefits. One of the key benefits of a kitchen designed for you and your home is the freedom to adjust it to whatever style and design features you want. This is something you don’t always get from an ‘off the shelf’ kitchen due to them being made to set sizes and styles. You can add as many shelves as you want, have glass cabinet doors and even make a nifty space for your dog’s bed within your units – the options are endless.

Because you are ultimately the designer of your kitchen it is helpful and also very exciting to do some research for inspiration! Mood boards are a brilliant way to get all your ideas together and it kick starts you project with a bang!

A bespoke kitchen is a brilliant way to design something that suits you and your family’s lifestyle perfectly. It can provide a perfect area for not only cooking but also to spend time together. Kitchens are commonly the heart of the home and going bespoke can really help emphasize that and meet its needs. A space for the family, friends and parties but also a great place to cook that Christmas turkey! We create a space that is so much more than a ‘just’ a cooking area.

The process of getting a new bespoke kitchen is also a lot more fun and rewarding. At Alresford Interiors we work closely with our clients to ensure the every element is just right! Our dedication and passion really helps make the process smooth, enjoyable and stress free with an outcome even better than you could’ve imagined.

Overall getting a bespoke kitchen is a lot more exciting because you get exactly what you want! But also, the quality is amazing and it is built with the highest level of craftsmanship and best quality materials.

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