Not everyone has the luxury of having a large kitchen, but this does not mean your kitchen space should feel cramped and suffocating.  Some simple measures will help make your kitchen look bigger, making everyday life a little bit easier.

Cabinet Units

Using light colours in your kitchen will make your entire space seem much larger. This can be achieved in several ways; from furnishing your kitchen with lighter coloured units, to using a high gloss finish or incorporating stainless steel to reflect the light.

Another ways to make your room feel more spacious is to incorporate a low contrast of colours into your kitchens with cabinets and appliances, which helps to blend everything together and into the walls. In addition, replacing solid cabinet doors with glass draws the eye through to the back of the room, making the kitchen space look more expansive.

Handles in kitchen are something that regularly get overlooked in the design process, however, opting for handless units will reducing the clutter in your kitchen, contributing to the larger feel.


Keeping your appliances hidden helps keep your work tops clear, which will give the room a larger, cleaner look. Having your microwave built into cabinets, larders or other cupboards helps maintain a clutter-free work space.

Avoiding crowding counters, shelves and cabinets with unnecessary clutter will help emphasize those few standout items. This helps reduce the claustrophobic feel of a small overcrowded kitchen bursting at the seams with junk and replaces it with a minimalistic, well designed, pleasant area. Having too much on display will cause the kitchen to look much smaller. Having less visual clutter, not just keeping things clean, but keeping wires and mess tucked away will help make your room look more open and fuss free.


Flooding the room with light; whether the kitchen is painted light or dark, lots of light beaming in will help the room feel as big as possible. Reducing the use of blinds and objects blocking the windows will help ensure as much light as possible gets in. Using smaller lights dotted around the kitchen rather than one harsh light will spread the light more evenly. This will draw the eye around the room. Popular lighting in kitchens is LED under cupboard lights or an LED contour strip. They are an effective form of lighting to light up work surfaces and add depth to a room.


Going for open shelving is a brilliant way to declutter your kitchen and accessorise without compromising valuable space on your work tops. It’s been trend that’s been around for a few years, and is a good way to inject some fresh modern vibes into your space, as well as extra storage of course. It’s a handy method of filling those odd spaces, for example – around the frame of your door, as well as being a neat way to store your kitchen must-haves, those random homeless ornaments and photo frames.

One of the best things about open shelving is that it’s extremely budget friendly, shelves are super affordable and are an easy ‘do it yourself’ job.

Bespoke Kitchen

Finally, our last tip, which we believe to be the most effective – a bespoke kitchen. Having a bespoke, custom-built kitchen is the best way to utilise the space available to you, as you can design the kitchen specifically for your room’s size and shape. This gives you complete freedom over which additional features you want in your kitchen.

Making the most of a smaller kitchen will stop it feeling like a cupboard, but instead a part of your home you can be proud of. We can provide a kitchen with space maximising solutions, such as integrated appliances- the best way to physically maximise a room’s limited space and neatly store appliances out of sight.

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