Now the summer has arrived, it’s the perfect opportunity to carry out renovations to your home, particularly the kitchen. Whether it’s a matter of upgrading your cabinet doors worktops and wall colour, or starting from scratch and designing something brand new and unique, we’ve put together some top tips on how to ensure your plans incorporate a bright and airy feel to your kitchen year round.

Make the most out of Natural Light

Use any natural light you have to your advantage, this is one of the easiest ways to make your kitchen look bright and airy. For those who are updating an existing kitchen, keep your colour palette light. Light and pale colours will reflect the light giving the illusion of a larger space, warm colours will absorb the light having the opposite effect. We’re not saying don’t have colour in your kitchen by any means, but be selective with what you incorporate. Coloured appliances, kitchen accessories, or a beautiful bouquet will do wonders without hindering any natural light. In addition, if you are designing a new kitchen, why not consider how you can rearrange the layout to create a more spacious, light and airy environment.

Mirrors are a great way of reflecting natural light and can be an attractive focal point. ‘Loft Style Mirrors’ are extremely popular this season and would certainly be a striking statement piece on your kitchen wall

Another popular trend this season are shutters, make sure you choose a wide-slat design as this will allow the most natural light to pour in, while still offering the required privacy. Not all window designs are suited to shutters, so why not consider Venetian blinds? These are a great alternative to shutters and in our opinion, look just as smart.

A hard wood floor with a polished finish will bounce light around the room. There are many different finishes available to you, so there will definitely be something to tie in with the design and look you’re going for.

Refresh your Cabinetry

Lighter coloured cabinets are a super way to create a brighter look and certainly generate a refreshing and airy space. Whether you like the look of light natural oak or are planning on adding a touch of paint, we can design oak cabinets to your requirements, taste, and discuss the best way to make the use of the available space ensuring you get your bright and airy kitchen! Popular colour trends for kitchen interiors for 2017 include the use of greens, blues, whites and greys.

Integrate Open Shelving

Open shelving is a trend that has taken off this year, this helps break up the layout of a kitchen which is especially useful when there is not an abundance of space. Blocks of large cabinets can make your space feel quite compact, so we love this idea of open shelving, making the design feel more open, airy, spacious and less confined. It is also a perfect way of displaying accessories and can make kitchen utilities readily available. An additional idea to be considered is to add glass to some of your cabinets, this will give your kitchen that open, bright and summery feel.

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