You spend a lot of time in your bedroom and even though most of that might be with your eyes shut it is still really important for it to be somewhere you love. The décor of the room plays a large factor of how you feel in a room, so here are our top tips of how to jazz up your bedroom!


Your bedroom walls or any walls in your house play a massive part in the overall feel and décor of the room. People either normally like to make their walls basic and decorate the room personally with features and furniture, be really bold and creative with their walls or both! Whatever you want your bed room to look like is up to you. However, a bed room is somewhere you sleep and relax so try to focus on more calming, neutral designs and colours. Yes neon yellow and pink may be a marvelous combination in some people’s eyes, but when you’re trying to wind down it might not be appropriate.  So think careful about your walls prints, or opt for the safer option of one colour painted or wall paper walls. Adding a feature wall is a popular trend at the moment but this doesn’t have to mean anything dramatic, maybe just a deeper version of the shade your other walls are.

Bed Sheets

The best thing about having a neutral themed bedroom is the opportunity to jazz it up with some really funky bed sheets.  Having fresh, new bed sheets for each season can really motivate you and also make your room feel like it’s just had a mini seasonal make over. Also cushions are a brilliant way to add more to your bed and make it more decorative. However, don’t go over board as they can end up on the floor most nights and you don’t want making your bed to become a 10 minute morning chore.

Fitted Wardrobes

This is where we can really help! Bespoke fitted wardrobes may be the perfect way to update your bedrooms style, quality and functionality.  Having fitted pieces instead of free standing adds a lot to a room, it also utilises the space available whilst looking sleek and sophisticated. Adding fitted pieces like wardrobes can actually increase the value of your home… another positive! Upgrading your wardrobe it the perfect way to refresh your entire bedroom!

Go bespoke

Bespoke is the perfect way to furnish your room with pieces that represent your personality and style. Bespoke furniture is also a much higher quality than an off the shelf piece. The beauty of bespoke is the complete freedom in design, allowing you to adapt your furniture so it’s just right for you. You can think creatively and bring your dream furniture to life. We work daily in creating beautiful, high quality pieces for clients which are unique to them made with the highest level of craftsmanship.

Spring Clean

Have a clear out! This includes your wardrobe, drawers, cupboards, shelves, vanity… all the places you will definitely be storing unloved goods. The reality is that for the majority of people, over 80% of your wardrobe you don’t even wear. The average person only wears 20% of the clothing pieces they own! Think of all that wasted space. Have a massive clear out and just think of the space to fill with new stunning pieces, but still don’t over buy and consider each purchase carefully. Have a good clean, dust and touch up marks on the wall with a splash of paint. You will be surprised how much of a change this can give to a room without spending much money.

We are happy to discuss any furniture projects with you and help transform your bedroom! Visit our workshop, call 01962 733016 or email today!