What does ‘bespoke’ mean to you?

The definition of bespoke in the Oxford Dictionary when referring to goods is ‘made to order’. When the word bespoke refers to a piece of furniture, an exciting journey begins between customer and craftsman.

Bespoke furniture means being able to fill that awkward space with something made to your exact specification. You may have sloping floors, low or slanted ceilings, but bespoke means that you will still be able to have that unique piece of furniture that represents you and your individuality, which in turn will enhance the aesthetics of your home.


What are the benefits of bespoke furniture versus buying factory produced furniture?

  • Bespoke suits you – This is possibly the most beneficial factor of bespoke furniture, and everything is specifically built to your specification in order to provide the results you imagine.
  • Choose your materials – Materials are selected to your specification to only enhance your home’s design.
  • Choose your finish – Whether you want it painted, lacquered or oiled – the choice is yours, and the final product will complement the surrounding exterior and interior styles.
  • Life-long quality – You can be assured that all joints and parts are as high quality as the overall product, providing a timeless and long-lasting style piece for the home.
  • Unique – Bespoke furniture promises a one of a kind product, giving you pride in the knowledge of ownership.


The cons of factory produced:

Factory produced furniture pieces are extremely popular, and are priced at a lower cost than that of handmade and bespoke designs. Modern day designs are stylish, and can offer complementary features to both contemporary and traditional homes; however, products may not offer the same quality and long-lasting design as that of bespoke creations.

  • Pre-made styles and designs may not fit the space you intend to put it, or match your home’s interior.
  • The materials used may be bought on a lower budget, keeping costs down in order to promote low prices, resulting in a poor-quality colour, grain or appearance.
  • Factory produced furniture can often be ‘stained to match’ which means a factory spray finish is applied. Hard wearing but cheap to the touch.
  • In order to keep costs down, factory furniture often uses cheap and quick methods of joinery, providing a short product life span and poor quality joining.
  • Factory furniture is mass produced and commonly comes in a ‘range’, promoting less choice of style, size and design.

It all comes back to the old adage “You get what you pay for”. If you want your piece of furniture to add value to your home, to last a lifetime, to be a talking point, to reflect your image and style then choose bespoke. Bespoke furniture tailored to your precise needs used to be a luxury only the wealthy could afford, but not anymore.  Developments within the manufacturing and design process have now made it considerably cheaper and an actual viable option for the average homeowner. In fact some of our kitchens are working our cheaper than ‘off the shelf’ solutions from leading chains.

The great thing about bespoke furniture is that not only are they tailored to the precise specifications of your needs, there is also an amazing scope for variation in the choices of the finishes, colours and materials you can choose from. This ability allows you to design furniture that reflects your lifestyle – it really is all up to you!