5 Advantages of Oak flooring

Are you thinking about starting to refurbish your home? Maybe you are tired and frustrated with your current interior and want to update your flooring. Wooden flooring offers timeless style, beauty, warmth, character and if done right, value, to your home.

We have a large range of wood flooring on offer at our showroom in Alresford. These floors are available in a number of different styles and options to suit most budgets. We specialise in distressed, hand finished oak floors which come into their own in an older house and looks stunning. There are literally hundreds of colour choices available to suit all tastes and we can colour match to just about any colou

Out of all the wood flooring Oak is by far the most popular. Oak is a timeless classic and quintessentially English, hard wearing and easily takes finishes.

1) It offers great value for money. It is hard wearing, beautiful and will be enjoyed for years to come. It can be refinished as your tastes change. Unlike carpets, oak flooring doesn’t collect dust and dirt on the surface and can easily be cleaned – an ideal choice for people with allergies.

2) It is extremely durable. One of the reasons people choose oak flooring is because it is extremely hard wearing and durable. Used in the building trade for hundreds of years oak is well known for its durability. From the maintenance point of view there are various cleaning products available to keep the floor looking fresh. When it becomes dented and damaged it can be sanded down and refinished.

3) It has a beautiful, timeless appearance. This is due to the natural grain and colour of oak flooring. It will compliment most modern or traditional interiors. It takes colour stains and a host of different finishes well.

4) It ages well. Like good wine, oak flooring improves with age; the colour becomes richer making it mellow and settles into its environment. Unlike carpets which become shabby, oak flooring can be easily cleaned and re-finished.

5) It is a great natural insulator. Because it is organic in nature oak flooring doesn’t become cold to the touch like tiles or other hard floor coverings. This helps the house to retain its heat in the winter and keep it cool in the summer.

If you choose oak or any other species of wood flooring to enhance and add value to your home we have something to suit most tastes and budgets. From prime to rustic, lacquered to oiled, dark to light, we can help.

For any more help and advice please feel free to call us on 01962 733016, email info@alresfordinteriors.co.uk or pop into our workshop and we can get your flooring project off the ground today! 

Why should I get oak furniture?

Furniture has to be built to last, there’s no two ways about it! Everyone has different tastes, of course, but the one thing that we think that we can all agree on is that long-lasting and resilient qualities that are vital for turning furniture into a worthwhile investment for your home. There are plenty of ways to ensure that your furniture will last for as long as it can, but why not make a simple choice right from the start and opt for buying items which you know will never let you down due to their high quality. That’s where Alresford Interiors joinery services can come in, as our hand-made bespoke oak furniture is built by our experienced cabinet makers, is nothing if not durable!

Oak is a brilliant choice in almost any situation when it comes to creating hard wearing bespoke furniture for your home, and not just because we’re experts in creating and fitting. It’s one of the most robust hardwoods that you’ll be able to find, and because of that durability, it’s seen used in places such as flooring where heavy use is simply unescapable. We also regularly fit oak flooring, which likewise to oak furniture is very popular.

Here at Alresford Interiors we pride ourselves in our ability to create the perfect, high quality bespoke made to measure furniture pieces for your home. If you feel like bespoke furniture could be just right for you and our services could help make your home a better place, functionally and visually, don’t hesitate to get in contact and we’ll be able to sort you out with something truly special and perfect for your home.

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How to keep your oak floor in perfect condition

Oak flooring is hugely popular and here at Alresford Interiors we regularly fit engineered oak wood floors. Oak flooring is beautiful and durable which are two of the main reasons it’s so popular, but does need a little bit more care than some other floors. To ensure your oak flooring is looking its best, here are our top tips on how to keep your oak floor looking in perfect condition for longer.

The easiest way to maintain your floors finish and appearance is dry sweeping or vacuuming with a soft brush attachment. Both methods help remove dirt and grit quickly, which does act as an abrasive on your oak flooring; this can lead to scratching the finish. Also a good quality microfiber dust mop with a 12-18inch cotton head used dry or with special cleaning sprays won’t damage your floor but will help clean it. Wooden floor cleaners are formulated so they’ll clean your floor without removing the finish, but will remove surface scuffs. Other methods are daily sweeping with a soft bristle broom; harsh bristles will disturb the floor finish and cause scratching.

Things to definitely avoid when it comes to looking after your floors is water, wet mops and other cleaning methods, including a lot of water are a massive no.  Excessive water and liquid can damage both the flooring itself and the finish, water resistant flooring doesn’t mean waterproof. Also harsh cheap floor cleaners are another product to avoid; they can build up and create problems whilst dulling the overall appearance of your flooring. Stick to neutral branded PH cleaners made specifically to wooden flooring. We supply the correct floor cleaners depending on the finish you have.

Some other things that can make your floor look duller faster and can make marks are furniture and certain shoes. Furniture such as chairs that move a lot can disturb the floors finish and create dents/scratches. We recommend using felt pads on the area of contact. This will help prevent your furniture causing any unnecessary damage. Shoes with heels or spikes can cause severe damage to the upper wear layer of the floor; avoiding wearing these types of shoes will eliminate this risk.

Darkening of wood flooring is inevitable and is a process that happens slowly over time due to sunlight. To reduce the speed of discolouring, closing curtains/blinds or having sheer drapes will help protect your oak flooring from UV rays.

Rugs are a method to help stop the build-up of dirt in high traffic areas and near doors. Walking over an area frequently can eventually wear down the finish. When people walk into your home from the outdoors they can bring in dirt/grit, rugs will help reduce the amount that comes into contact with your oak flooring. Overall, under normal circumstances, your oak flooring shouldn’t normally get scratched.

A lot of people are unsure whether they can use steam cleaners on their wooden floors, the answer is no. Steam cleaners work by forcing steam onto the floor surface; this is meant to eliminate dust, mites, germs, dirt, mould and fungus. Steam mops are the most popular type of steam cleaner, its quicker and easier than regular mopping. It sounds great, but it isn’t for your wooden floors. Even though a steam mop is truly intended to be used on ‘sealed’ wooden floors, a solid hardwood floor may have patches where it isn’t fully or is unsealed. This means the floor has no protection and is completely exposed, this can lead to the floor quickly absorbing any water and it can result in your floor warping. Excessive moisture can also change the external finish of the hardwood floor straight away. Using steam mops forces moisture into your wooden floor and goes in between its layers. It can look dry shortly afterwards, but constantly dampening your floor and pushing in warm moisture at such power can make your wooden floors swell and curl eventually disjoining the pieces of flooring and peeling the layers apart. This is not a good look!

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