Here at Alresford Interiors one of the most desired items of furniture we build for our clients are alcove units, dressers and TV units – fitted and free standing. These units normally involve shelving, providing the perfect space to display personal items and objects d’art and of course, books; shelves look amazing when created and styled as a feature. Here are our tips on how to get the right balance of function and style.


The beauty of bespoke furniture is the complete freedom in designing something utterly personal to you and your belongings. We can adapt elements to suit the items you want to store/display, an option you rarely get with off the shelf pieces. Consider proportions, if you’re planning shelves like these think carefully about the different measurements. Having shelves at all different levels and sizes through the unit is a gorgeous option and also something a bit more unique.


One of the best uses of alcove units and dressers is storing and displaying all your books. This can look really effective and visually pleasing, it’s also handy – books always need a home! So when filling up your unit think about the arrangement, organise the books so it’s easy for you too find them but it also needs to look tidy, this will help the collection look more attractive.


Keep it personal! Bespoke furniture is personal to you and so should what you decide to fill it with. Let your shelves represent you and your family, display personal family air loons, those photos you treasure. By displaying family objects your add warmth to the room but it does also make it more interesting.


Less can be more! Try to stay simple and minimal, this doesn’t mean one thing on each shelf, it just means don’t overdo it – it will become cluttered looking very fast! Aim for balance and variety, it makes it more interesting but it also looks better because the balance is right. Don’t pack every single shelve, display feature items as a focus on their own. Also leaving space gives you room to add in the future! It also makes the room look larger and feel more relaxed.

We work daily on bespoke projects, bring peoples furniture dreams to life. We are happy to discuss your project with you and work together to create a piece you love and that works best for your home. Learn more about bespoke furniture with some of our other blog posts.

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