One thing we’ve noticed time and time again whilst restoring parquet floors around Hampshire is that many people don’t seem to know how to care for them properly. In this blog we aim to arm you with enough information to keep your parquet floor maintained and extend it’s life.

Cleaning a parquet floor is a simple process, but you need to be looking after it from the word go. Once the floor gets to a certain point of wear and tear, no amount of cleaning can bring it back to life and the only option from there is to sand it off and start again.

There are two types of cleaner, one for oiled floors and one for lacquered floors. Always use the recommended cleaner. If you use any other type of cleaner on your wooden floor, you run the risk of spoiling the finish. Steam cleaners are a big no no – wood and water don’t mix, so throwing steam into the mix will really cause you problems.

Regardless of whether your floor is oiled or lacquered, the basic process is the same. You should start by sweeping or vacuuming the floor. When vacuuming, make sure the part of the vacuum cleaner that’s in contact with the floor is soft to avoid scratching the floor surface. Henry type vacuum cleaners are ideal for this, rather than those that are wheeled across the floor as these types can leave marks. We’re constantly seeing parquet floors that have been damaged by vacuum cleaners, so it’s important to take note.

After any excess dirt and grime has been vacuumed away, then the appropriate cleaner can be used. We generally recommend Osmo wash and care for oiled floors and either Bona or Junckers for lacquered floors. Simply follow the instructions by adding the cleaning solution to half a bucket of warm water, wetting the mop and ringing it out so the floor doesn’t get too wet during the cleaning process. Too much water can cause swelling to the wood and other problems which are best avoided. Always use a damp mop, not a wet one!

We recommend repeating this process at least once a week, although this can vary depending on how much the particular area is used. Hallways have much heavier foot fall than a bedroom which may only see foot traffic in socks or slippers rather than shoes.

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