Traditional bespoke furniture is simply handcrafted furniture that has been designed and made to measure according to what you customer wants and needs. It allows you to have luxury furniture that fits your homes room sizes and shapes, even filling in those awkward spaces and not letting them go to waste.  For example – if you have an alcove in your room due to a fireplace and want bookshelves to fill either side, we can design and build high quality units to fit into those spaces.

Bespoke furniture takes fitted furniture one step further, allowing us to provide something perfectly suited to your home and that is unique to you with a high level of detailed craftsmanship. Traditional bespoke furniture can be designed not only to fit your home space, but also the items you desire to fill it with. Luxury handmade furniture is a personal method of furnishing your home the way you desire and utilising the space available. Bespoke furniture doesn’t have to just be fitted furniture, but also free standing units, such as tables, larder units, TV stands and lots more.

The cost of handmade bespoke furniture is pretty undefinable; the size, colour, materials and overall design determine the price. Generally speaking bespoke fitted furniture will start at double the price of something off the shelf. The more detail and the complexity of the item will affect the overall cost. Here at Alresford Interiors we provide bespoke furniture services at realistic prices with high quality craftsmanship by our experienced cabinet makers. Everything can be built to your specification in order to provide the results you require. The style can be anything you want for your home, classic – traditional, rustic or contemporary.

The team at Alresford Interiors work daily on bespoke furniture projects for clients; we want to provide high quality built bespoke furniture to suit the customer’s needs and desires. From the measuring, helping to design, building and fitting we like to have a strong relationship with our customers and ensure we provide a finished product that meets, or better still succeeds their expectations.

For more information about our uniquely crafted furniture please visit our workshop, call 01962 733016 or visit today.