Wood floors remain timeless features offering an effortless touch of class, which can be a great asset in any commercial premises. We can restore old, tired floors and give them back their natural beauty and elegance. Our professional approach and attention to detail will ensure a smooth, stress free service and an expertly restored wood floor that offers practicality and easy maintenance.

Our highly skilled, fully trained and experienced team will consult with you to develop a programme of work that suits you. We will provide advice on the best options for the restoration, finishing and maintenance of your wood floor, so that it looks great all year round and keeps costs to a minimum. We use the highest quality products, such as Bona, Junkers, Osmo and Blanchon to ensure the floor is finished in the most appropriate way for your needs and is as durable as possible.

Our team has worked on many wood floor projects for schools, village halls, hotels, retail shops and other commercial properties. We understand your desire to reduce disruption to your business while any works takes place. Our team work out of hours, during evenings and weekends within the timeframe agreed, to sand and finish floors quickly and efficiently, causing as minimal mess and inconvenience as possible.

Time restraints are normally top on the list for discussion when thinking about sanding a commercial wood floor. It doesn’t matter whether it is a pub, hotel, restaurant, village hall or school that requires work people are normally concerned about time scales and the impact that that has on their business / establishment. We are hugely aware of this as an issue and offer a 24 hour a day service in order to be as flexible as possible. Due to the size of our team we can get relatively large areas fully sanded and re-finished very quickly with as minimal disruption as possible.

However, something you may need to consider when sanding at night is noise. This has been overlooked by hotels in the past and although we can work through the night, if guests are next to the room they won’t be getting a lot of sleep.

Furniture can be an issue as it is always easier and more cost effective to sand and re-finish a floor that is empty. If there is no way of storing the furniture we can assist in the storage making sure that felt pads go on furniture when it is returned which will prolong the life of the floor.

In most cases the older the floor the better it will look after sanding. We have completed numerous floors and bought them back to life. It is normally always more cost effective to sand and re-finish a floor even if there are a lot of repairs than to have a new floor. Also you can’t beat the touch of class that is achieved by sanding and re-finishing a wood floor. This will add to the desirability of the establishment and will feel cleaner which in turn will add to the number of customers and positive reviews.

If you need any help or advice on your floor sanding project, please give us a call 01962 733016 and arrange an assessment of the floor.