Styling Your Bespoke Units

Here at Alresford Interiors one of the most desired items of furniture we build for our clients are alcove units, dressers and TV units – fitted and free standing. These units normally involve shelving, providing the perfect space to display personal items and objects d’art and of course, books; shelves look amazing when created and styled as a feature. Here are our tips on how to get the right balance of function and style.


The beauty of bespoke furniture is the complete freedom in designing something utterly personal to you and your belongings. We can adapt elements to suit the items you want to store/display, an option you rarely get with off the shelf pieces. Consider proportions, if you’re planning shelves like these think carefully about the different measurements. Having shelves at all different levels and sizes through the unit is a gorgeous option and also something a bit more unique.


One of the best uses of alcove units and dressers is storing and displaying all your books. This can look really effective and visually pleasing, it’s also handy – books always need a home! So when filling up your unit think about the arrangement, organise the books so it’s easy for you too find them but it also needs to look tidy, this will help the collection look more attractive.


Keep it personal! Bespoke furniture is personal to you and so should what you decide to fill it with. Let your shelves represent you and your family, display personal family air loons, those photos you treasure. By displaying family objects your add warmth to the room but it does also make it more interesting.


Less can be more! Try to stay simple and minimal, this doesn’t mean one thing on each shelf, it just means don’t overdo it – it will become cluttered looking very fast! Aim for balance and variety, it makes it more interesting but it also looks better because the balance is right. Don’t pack every single shelve, display feature items as a focus on their own. Also leaving space gives you room to add in the future! It also makes the room look larger and feel more relaxed.

We work daily on bespoke projects, bring peoples furniture dreams to life. We are happy to discuss your project with you and work together to create a piece you love and that works best for your home. Learn more about bespoke furniture with some of our other blog posts.

For more information about our uniquely crafted furniture please visit our workshop, call 01962 733016 or email today.

 More photos and examples of gorgeous bespoke units over on our gallery!

Organising Your Home Office

Organising Your Home Office

It’s a new year so why not make your home work space somewhere more productive and an enjoyable place to spend time working!

Keeping your desk tidy

A cluttered desk is not the best working environment so try and keep as little on your desk as possible. It’s a place to work, not a surface to store endless supplies of stationary! Having a clear space to work allows you to focus better and spread out whilst working. Store items that you don’t need often out of site, such as in a cupboard or on a high shelf. Adding shelves will help keep the space around you clear and clutter free. Also have a clear out – throw away old pens, notebooks, those extra pencils you think you need but in reality don’t ever reach for.



Lighting in a room is key, different lighting for different rooms and environments. In your home office you want to be productive so you want a bright, energetic, fresh feeling room. Poor lighting is distracting, tiring and also causes eye strain and headaches… these have a huge effect on your productivity.  Try to position your desk in front or near a window; this will eliminate the use for heavy artificial lighting throughout most of the day which can cause an annoying glare on your computer / laptop screen.  It will also light up your work space and make you feel more energized.  So what you want is a space with a good supply of natural light and well place artificial light for those dark, dull winter days.



Sticking with similar rules of lighting you want to have a bright, fresh looking office. Somewhere that doesn’t clutter your mind. Having white or light wood furniture really helps make the space feel larger; it also feels more modern, clean and fresh.  We have access to any colour you can ever imagine, so we can create your bespoke office in whatever style and colour you desire.


Add Personality

Even though having a minimalistic, bright, clear office is the most productive environment it doesn’t mean it should be boring. Inject some thing that personally inspires you and add your own style. Photos and books are a simple but effective way as well as a decorative rug. This will help boost motivation and not isolate your home office from the rest of the houses style.



The key to clearing a space in any room and having a more minimalistic feel which is a very popular look for homes at the moment is storage. Storage can solve problems and transform a room! Make sure you’ve had a good sort through you stuff first; storage shouldn’t be somewhere to hoard stuff. Planning your storage is key! The beauty of bespoke is that the storage can be perfectly adapted to both the room and the items within it. Cupboards are perfect for storing away all those ugly boxes full of files no one wants to keep but has to. Shelves are brilliant at storing a whole variety of stuff and keeping it easily accessible – also handy space for displaying those personal items.




photo 11.JPG

Any ideas for your home office can be turned into a reality. We work closely with clients daily on exciting furniture projects and have transformed lots of rooms into full functional but stunning home offices. We can build one from scratch or add storage to your existing set up.

If you want to get your home office plans rolling than call us on 01962 733016, email or pop into our workshop located in Alresford! 

Freestanding and Fitted Wardrobes – Bespoke Solutions For Every Occasion

Wardrobes have always been one of the most in demand types of furniture we produce. Whilst we all dream of having a huge walk in wardrobe with enough room to store all our clothes, shoes and accessories without having to cram everything in, it’s something most of us won’t ever be able to afford. A bespoke wardrobe is the perfect solution for someone that wants to make the most of the space in their home without breaking the bank. Trekking around store after store trying to find that perfect style and fit can be a tedious endeavour and this is where bespoke furniture becomes the real winner.

At Alresford Interiors we build high quality bespoke pieces of furniture every day; our team of experienced cabinet makers work on a whole variety of projects and complete them with the uppermost level of craftsmanship.

We build wardrobes made to measure for your room, ensuring no space is wasted and adapting the designs to suit your homes current décor. Whether you’re after fitted or freestanding pieces of furniture we’re happy to help, every detail is ultimately down to you. Fitted furniture is a brilliant way to make use of awkward spaces, make a room look sleek and add value to your home. It’s also a brilliant solution for rooms with slanted roofs or alcoves. Whilst freestanding furniture is perfect if you need to move it around, and can be taken with you if you do ever move house.

The beauty of bespoke is the huge amount of freedom in the designing and building of a wardrobe to suit your home and the items it needs to store. Adapting sections in the wardrobes to different sizes, adding shelves and rails where ever is going to be most beneficial for you. It’s a blank canvas where you can design that dream wardrobe you’ve always wanted.

Don’t settle for furniture that doesn’t meet your needs; give us a call today on 01962 733016, email or visit our workshop to discuss further. 

Storage Solutions For Children’s Rooms

Storage Solutions For Children’s Rooms

With all the toys, clothes, books and other clutter that collects in a childs room, storage space is always at a premium. If you’re looking to utilise the space available to its full extent, while adding something unique, functional and still fun, then bespoke furniture could be the answer. Just like any bedroom, bespoke furniture can really add a lot to a room, looking sleep and maximising storage space whilst being completely personal to you. The beauty of bespoke is the complete freedom of design, being able to play around with colours, sizes, looks – every element; something off the shelf furniture doesn’t offer.

When choosing furniture for your children’s room, you want to provide something they will love, but is also safe, durable and high-quality to boot. Be creative and design the furniture through the eyes of a child; what would they love there room to look like? The toys and furnishing of a childhood leave a last impression, so make them good ones!

A brightly coloured mirror, custom built to resemble lego bricks

A bespoke unit, built to resemble brightly coloured Lego bricksThis Lego furniture was made as a commission piece for one of our clients. Prices can vary considerable depending on your individual requirements, with more complex pieces being more expensive.

Younger children tend to be attracted to bright colours, texture and patterns, but go too far down this route and the room is in danger of looking overly cluttered. This can be easily countered by using accent points of colour on neutral backdrops. The same can be said about room design; having everything train themed may be fun for a time, but when your child decides they don’t like trains anymore, you’re faced with a big decoration job all over again. Stick with accent pieces; items that you won’t mind replacing in a few years’ time.

It’s tempting to go for cute, small sized furniture for a child’s room; which is practical for a time, but when they grow out of it (and they grow fast), you’ll be in the situation of having to change the furniture all over again. An easily workable solution to this is to adapt full size pieces; such as adding adjustable rails in wardrobes that can be moved higher over time. Full-sized furniture is both more efficient and makes a room feel cosier, avoiding the large, empty, unused spaces that comes with smaller pieces.

Safety is key with anything you leave around children. Choose quality wood furniture over plastics; not only does it look better, but it’s much more durable and can stand up to a lot more. Pieces of furniture can be painted and customised to reflect the child’s personality and interests, but try to customise pieces in a way that they can be adapted as they grow into a new phase.

With custom-built furniture you can introduce clever storage solutions for your child’s room; extra space to store all those toys! Beds with pull-out storage drawers, toy boxes that can double up as a seat, fun themed/coloured shaped hooks… there’s no limit to the level of customisation you can have.

Fitted furniture is also best option for the long term. Not only does it look sleek, but it is much safer than a free-standing piece, as drawers and shelves are always used as makeshift climbing frames, or handy step-ladders to reach those pesky toys hidden at the top (we’ve all done it!). Built in wardrobes are best split into small compartments, which makes them manageable and much easier to see everything you have.

So if you’ve ever wished that you could find the perfect fit of furniture for an awkward space, or add something unique to your child’s room or playroom, or any room in your home for that matter, bespoke may be just the option. Hand crafted furniture can be more expensive than off the shelf pieces, but it’s well worth the investment in terms of character, appeal and life-span. There are no limits!

For more information about our uniquely crafted furniture please visit our workshop, call 01962 733016 or visit today.

a red handmade storage unit with a black top, built to fit between the windows in a childs playroom

Bespoke Furniture For Small Spaces

Bespoke Furniture For Small Spaces

Just because a room is small in size or an awkward shape doesn’t mean it can’t be used to the same extent as any other room in your house; there are lots of ways to utilise the space available and give the illusion of a larger room. Bespoke furniture is the perfect way to make sure no space is wasted in your home. Incorporating fitted hand-crafted pieces that are ceiling height and tailored to the dimensions of your room will give you more storage for the available space with the added benefit of looking sleek. Using built in storage utilises the space available, providing you with more room to store all your belongings, helping to reduce visible clutter and making the room appear more spacious, rather than cramped and cluttered.

Alresford Interiors Bespoke Walnut Wardrobe.JPG

The beauty of bespoke is the ability to adapt every design aspect to what you want and what will work best in that space. The colour of your bespoke furniture is always down to you, but to make the most of a smaller room we would suggest steering clear of darker shades and opting for lighter, airy tones. White and light coloured furniture works wonders in opening up the room and making it feel bigger, whereas dark colours absorb the light, making the room feel more enclosed. Your overall colour scheme is also another factor to consider; opting for a neutral colour theme or similar tones will help bring the room together and reduce the risk of the room looking over crowded and cluttered. Avoiding an overload of bold patterns is also a good rule to stick by whilst decorating a small room, as busy patterns can cause a room to look disorderly and smaller overall.

Mirrors are your best friend in a small room, light walls and mirrors are the key way to giving the illusion of a space being much bigger than it actually is. Mirrors can be incorporated into furniture, such as the doors of a wardrobe, to open up the entire space, reflecting light back into the room and making it look much more spacious, whilst also providing storage space; killing two birds with one stone.

A bespoke wardrobe with mirrored doors, build against a sloping ceiling

Using bespoke furniture in a small space, rather than an off the shelf piece, means you can utilise small much more effectively. Our furniture is made to measure, opposed to the standard sizes of pre-made furniture, which means no space, no matter how awkward, is wasted.

A hand-crafted storage unit painted white

Here at Alresford Interiors we build gorgeous bespoke furniture daily; working closely with our clients to ensure the finished products is something they love! We have a team of experienced cabinet makers that work to the upmost level of excellence, producing high quality long lasting pieces. We measure up the area in your home for where the furniture will go, discuss styles and design with you. We help with the design to produce something that is truly spectacular and perfect for your home, of course the final design decision is ultimately down to you. Helping you to fill your home with furniture that makes the most of the space and reflects you personally.

a sleep wooden storage unit, designed and built by Alresford Interiors

For any more information about our uniquely crafted furniture please visit our workshop, call 01962 733016, or visit today.

Why should I get oak furniture?

Why should I get oak furniture?

Furniture has to be built to last, there’s no two ways about it! Everyone has different tastes, of course, but the one thing that we think that we can all agree on is that long-lasting and resilient qualities that are vital for turning furniture into a worthwhile investment for your home. There are plenty of ways to ensure that your furniture will last for as long as it can, but why not make a simple choice right from the start and opt for buying items which you know will never let you down due to their high quality. That’s where Alresford Interiors joinery services can come in, as our hand-made bespoke oak furniture is built by our experienced cabinet makers, is nothing if not durable!

IMG_4896.JPG IMG_0379.JPG

Oak is a brilliant choice in almost any situation when it comes to creating hard wearing bespoke furniture for your home, and not just because we’re experts in creating and fitting. It’s one of the most robust hardwoods that you’ll be able to find, and because of that durability, it’s seen used in places such as flooring where heavy use is simply unescapable. We also regularly fit oak flooring, which likewise to oak furniture is very popular.

SAM_3006.JPG Grey Oak Table.jpg

Here at Alresford Interiors we pride ourselves in our ability to create the perfect, high quality bespoke made to measure furniture pieces for your home. If you feel like bespoke furniture could be just right for you and our services could help make your home a better place, functionally and visually, don’t hesitate to get in contact and we’ll be able to sort you out with something truly special and perfect for your home.


For more information about our uniquely crafted furniture please visit our workshop, call 01962 733016 or visit today.